Spring School Mediterranean History

University of Konstanz, 28 - 30 March 2023

Explore the Liquid Continent:
Spring School Mediterranean History

University of Konstanz, K7

28-30 March 2023

Manuel Borutta, Sven Reichardt (Konstanz)

Gruia Bădescu, Fernando Esposito, Bianca Gaudenzi, Marc Gehrmann, Ulrich Gotter, Daniel König, Jovo Miladinović, Alejandro Peláez Martín, James Wilson (Konstanz) and Nora Lafi (Berlin)

The Mediterranean is a contact zone of Africa, Asia and Europe that was closely intertwined long before modern globalization: a ‘liquid continent’ where borders have constantly shifted since ancient times. Today the region is in the focus due to multiple crises and conflicts. Many of these current problems have a deep history.

The Spring School will shed light on them in a longue durée perspective. Together with students from different countries from Europe and the Mediterranean distinguished scholars and experts from all periods of Mediterranean history we will highlight crucial topics such as power, violence and representation, social inequality, religion and mobility across the ages. Concise lectures and intensive group work with sources will be combined to provide an understanding of epoch-spanning features and epoch-specific problems of the region that are also relevant to its present and future. Participants will receive a reader in advance.

The Spring School is primarily aimed at advanced BA students from various disciplines (e.g. History, Islamic, Jewish or Ottoman studies, Arabic or Romance studies) who are interested in the planned new Master’s programme Mediterranean History  at the University of Konstanz, which is expected to start in the winter term 2023/24. The Spring School will be accompanied by an attractive supporting programme including excursions to the city and the lake of Constance. Costs of travel and accommodation for external participants can be covered to a certain extent.

For BA students of the University of Konstanz, attendance of this compact course is credited with 3 credit points. Language of instruction is English.

The application deadline has already expired.